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Government Of Assam Handloom Textiles & Sericulture Assam Apex Weavers and Artisans Cooperative Federation Ltd. (ARTFED)

ARTFED an Apex Level Society


ARTFED is an Apex Level Society  is leading in the hand woven textiles as well as handicraft sector by introducing new product lines, searching niche market and doing all which can help to create and deliver superior customer value and satisfaction. In the market ARTFED is trying to serve its best and appropriate services and programme for meeting needs and wants of different level of customers.

The Federation presently has given stress on sustaining & creating avenues of employment in handloom and handicraft sector, improving the socio-economic status of handloom weavers and artisans, enhancing products improving the market potentiality of handloom and handicraft sector of Assam as well as the N.E. Region and compete with confidence for increasing its share in the Global market. The Federation has given special emphasis for exploring export of Assam Handwoven Textiles particularly Muga and Eri Silk towards Global Market.

The Federation annually provide direct employment to more than about 1.5 lakh weavers and artisans of the state by procuring their products more than worth of Rs.40-50 crores annually and provide all sorts of production and marketing support for ensuring their economic upliftment. Considering all the present changes of economic scenario due to libearization, globalization and privatization, the management of ARTFED has given importance for rapid technological up gradations, strengthening of raw-material base, harmonious growth in segment of the industries according to their inherent strength, development of existing human resource, broadening of the multi fibre base with product diversification, encouragement of capital investment, joint venture in the sector and significant growth of export.

Under Market Promotion Programme and Market Support Scheme every year ARTFED is organising National Handloom Expo, Special Handloom Expo, District Level Event, Craft Bazar, Gandhi Shilp Bazar, Handicraft Expo, Sourcing Show etc.

All handwoven textiles (Eri, Muga, Cotton, Synthetic)  and handicraft products (Cane & Bamboo Products, Sital Pati, Wooden Products, Bell & Brass Matel Products) are being procured by ARTFED from individual weavers and artisans, Primary Level Co-operative Society, Self-Help-Groups, NGO in addition to procurement from own Handloom Production Units located at Bamunimaidan, Pachim Boragaon & Nalbari.

Apart from this under Single Tender System ARTFED has supplied handwoven and handicraft products to various State Govt. such as Home Deptt., Social Welfare Deptt., GDA & Central Govt. Deptt. like Indian Railway through ACASH.

Fairs and Melas have an unique appeal to Indian Public Psychology, people feel and instinctive to visit Fairs and Melas whenever and wherever these are organised a indulge in a shopping spree. Every Year ARTFED has organising Nos. of National Handloom Expo, National Level Special Handloom Expo, Special Handloom Expo, District Level Events, Craft Bazar, Gandhi Shilp Bazar, Handicraft Exhibition for exposure and sale of Handwoven & Handicraft Products of the State as well as N.R. Region.

Being an Apex Level Society in the state, ARTFED is involved in implementation of various Schemes/ Programmes of State as well as Central Govt. on Handloom and Handicraft Sector. The main objectives of the implementation of the schemes are

  • Empowered women weavers in all respect.
  • Improved social status of weavers and artisans in the state.
  • Economic upliftment of weavers and artisans
  • Developed Entrepreneurial carrier etc.
  • Bring happiness in the family of weavers and artisans.



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