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Government Of Assam Handloom Textiles & Sericulture Assam Apex Weavers and Artisans Cooperative Federation Ltd. (ARTFED)

Job Chart & Responsibilities

Sl.No.Class of ServiceName of Cadre/PostNature of workRemarks
1IManaging DirectorOverall controller of Administration,  Finance & Accounts & Act as C.E.O. 
2ISecretarySupervision of Accounts, Esstt. MatterDeputation from H&T
3IGeneral ManagerOverall Supervision of Production, Mkt. & Exhibition 
4ISr. Manager (F&A)Supervision of Finance & Accounts 
5IDy. General ManagerSection In charge of different section of H.O. i.e.  personnels, Production & Marketing , Exh. & Pub., Finance & Accounts. 
6IIManagerSupervisor of Accounts/Mkt./ Personel/ Production 
7IIArea ManagerSupervision of Lower/Upper Assam Area 
8IIAsstt. ManagerSupervision of Personnel/ Production/ Marketing/ Account/ Exhibition & Publicity 
9IIZonal ManagerSupervision / Monitoring of Business of Branch under Lower/Upper/Central/West Assam Zone 
10IIISr. Branch ManagerSupervision of Branch/ Sales Centres/Various Project etc 
11IIIBr. Manager “A”In charge of Branch/Sales Centre 
12IIIBr. Manager “B”In charge of Branch/Sales Centre 
13IIIJr. EngineerSupervision of various civil works of Emporium, Regional Handloom & Handicrafts Marketing Complex, Rehabari , Guwahati  and Apparel & Garment Making Centre, Pachim BoragaonAppointed as Asstt. Project Engineer .
14IIISr. Asstt.Dealing in the matter of Esstt.,  Production & Marketing, Stores, Exhibition Section 
15IIIJr. AccountantMaintenance of Cash Book, Ledger, Account of H.O. 
16IIIAsstt. Br. ManagerSupervision of Sales in Branch, sales Centre etc. 
17IIIAsstt. Br. Manager (Production)Supervision of Production Centre 
18IIIAsstt. Br. Manager (Production ) (B)Supervision of Production Centre 
19IIIJunior Asstt.Dealing Asstt. In various section of H.O. 
20IIIJr. Asstt. Cum TypistDealing Asstt. In various section of H.O 
21IIIAccounts Asstt.Dealing Asstt. In A/C Section 
23IIIAsstt. FitterSupervision of Production Centre 
24IIISales Asstt.Sales man of Branches/Sales Centre 
25IIIDriver/ MechanicEntrusted with Vehicle/Production Centre 
26IVSales Attendent/ Helper/ Peon/ Chowkider/ Handiman etc.H. O, Branch & Production Centre of ARTFED.