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Government Of Assam Handloom Textiles & Sericulture Assam Apex Weavers and Artisans Cooperative Federation Ltd. (ARTFED)

Functions & Objectives

Functions and Objectives of ARTFED

The functions and objectives of the federation are:

1. To organise Handloom Weaving and other cottage industries in the state on Co-operative basis and in particular:

  • To procure raw-materials, such as yarn, dyes, chemicals etc., required by the members in connection with the industry and arrange for proper storage, packing and transport of such goods and sale them to the affiliated societies.
  • To purchase weaving appliances, such as looms and accessories etc. required for weaving industry and sale them to the affiliated societies.
  • To purchase the finished product from the affiliated societies and sale them to the best advantage.
  • To carry on inter-state trade in raw-materials, finished products looms and accessories and also export trade in finished products either independently or as an agent of the Govt. or other authorised body in the best interest of the affiliated societies.
  • To undertake spinning, weaving and other allied activities either directly or on behalf of the affiliated societies.
  • To undertake processing activities, such as, bleaching, calendaring, preparatory, finishing, dyeing, printing, and designing etc. connected with handloom industries and for this purpose to install, run and manage one or more factories and plants.
  • To serve as the central marketing centre of the affiliated societies and supervise the working of the affiliated societies and render technical guidance and assistance to them to maintain improved methods, qualities and designs and to provide the required management technique to bring about an improvement in their managerial and operational efficiency.
  • To open sales depots, branches, centres, and offices in or outside the state in the interest of business of the society or its affiliated societies and to take up agency in connection with handloom and other cottage industries.
  • To organise and participate in fairs, exhibitions, displays etc. on handloom, power loom and cottage industries products.
  • To create and maintain a pool of qualified supervisory and technical staff, manager, accountants etc., for the Apex Society as well as for the affiliated societies.
  • To make advances to and realise service charges from the affiliated societies for procurement, production, marketing storage and sales of raw-materials and finished products.
  • To enter into contract with Govt. or other agencies for import and export of raw-materials and handloom and other cottage industries products.
  • To accept deposits from members in such terms and conditions as may be determined by the board in this behalf and
  • To do such other acts as may be required to fall in line with the directives issued by the Govt. of the All India Handloom Board or the All India Co-operative Spinning Mills, Federation and such other statutory and promotional bodies set up for the handloom industry designed to improve  the economic condition of the weavers.

2. The Society shall be at liberty:

  • To receive share capital and loans and grants from Govt. or other, State Bank of India, Commercial Banks. All India Handloom Board, National Co-operative Development Corporation etc.
  • To accept agency of registered manufacturers, firms of Govt. for whole sale agency of articles dealt with by the society.
  • To establish and negotiate business relations with marketing, industrial whole-sale consumers and Gaon Panchayat Level Co-operative Societies.
  • To become members of State Co-operative Bank, National and State Level Co-operative Federation and Unions and other Co-operative Financing agencies.
  • To acquire lands and buildings, vehicles, factories, workshop, machineries and equipment etc.
  • To undertake management of any affiliated society where necessary on such terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed upon with the approval of the Registrar and the consent of the financing Bank.
  • To arrange for supply of raw-materials for the members of the artisans co-operatives and to take suitable steps necessary for marketing their products.
  • To arrange finance for members of the artisans co-operatives to facilitate better productions.
  • To open sales depots exclusively for the products of the artisans co-operatives inside and outside the state, if and when felt necessary.